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In a backyard beauty shop in Chinquapin, Louisiana, we meet owner Truvy Jones and newly-hired assistant, Annelle Dupuy-Desoto as they await the arrival of three regular Saturday morning clients, Clairee Belcher, Ousier Boudreaux and M'Lynn Eatenton, and it's M'Lynn's daughter Shelby's wedding day.

Playwright Robert Harling captures the unique Southern wit, the self-deprecating humour, as hilarious one-liners keep the laughter flowing, amid discussions of favourite recipes, town gossip, beauty tips, and of course, Shelby's wedding preparations, down to the most minute detail.

A bitter-sweet note is introduced when Shelby, a diabetic, announces that she desperately wants to have a baby, despite her doctor's advice, and her mother's dismay.

There's no hint of a potential tragedy, as we learn the back story of each of these exceptional women, but with the eventual dramatic outcome, their support for each other is strengthened forever.

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Cathouse Players Inc. are members of the Victorian Drama League and this production has been entered in the VDL Awards

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