Trap for a Lonely Man By Robert Thomas

Jun 2016 at Kyneton Masonic Center


A mystery thriller set in a chalet in the French alps in the 1950's. Daniel Corban reports his wife missing to the police. He is very upset when a priest arrives and says he has found Madame Corban alive and well. He brings in the woman - Daniel insists that it is not his wife. Several people arrive and say that she is Madame Corban. Daniel feels he is losing his grip on reality.

The Man   Michael Gillies Smith
The Police Inspector Brian Fitches
The Priest   Frank Sartore
The Woman Gail McGregor
The Tramp   Alan Barrett
The Nurse    Margaret Healey
Director   Bette Sartore
Stage Manager Terry Woodhouse
Properties   Maggie Browne
Set Construction Brian Fitches, Frank Sartore, Rob McGregor
Lights & Sound Geoff Murray