Blithe Spirit By Noel Coward

Chewton 2013


The smash comedy hit of the London and Broadway stages, this much-revived classic from the playwright of Private Lives offers up fussy, cantakerous novelist Charles Condomine, re-married but haunted (literally) by the ghost of his late first wife, the clever and insistent Elvira who is called up by a visiting "happy medium", one Madame Arcati. As the (worldly and un-) personalities clash, Charles' current wife Ruth is accidentally killed, "passes over", joins Elvira and the two "blithe spirits" haunt the hapless Charles into perpetuity.

The Cast
Ruth Condomine    Fiona Agyeman
Edith Di Addington
Charles Condomine    Andrew Le Clercq
Dr. Bradman Brian Moynihan
Madame Arcati    Maggie Browne
Elvira     Helen Gramberg
The Crew
Director   Bette Sartore
Stage Manager Gail (Murfi) McGregor
Special Effects   Frank Sartore
Music Galliano Sommavilla
Lights & Sound Margaret Healy